Current Courses

Utrecht University – (BA) Grote vragen, big data // Big questions, big data (2019-2020)

This course familiarizes first-year history students with quantitative research as well as with the use of (large) historical datasets. Students will work in small groups to write their own research reports, in which they analyse a particular economic or social historical development in a geographical location of their choice based on quantitative data. The mandatory literature and lectures are intended to inspire students’ own research. These show how other historians answer their research questions by using quantitative analyses, and what the benefits and pitfalls of such methods are. The lectures and articles also link to relevant debates on one of the most influential historical changes in society: the process of industrialization and its economic, social and ecological consequences.

Start: 20 April 2020

Utrecht University – (BA) The Great Divergence. Why Some Countries Prosper and Others Don’t (2020-2021)

This course provides an overview of different ideas as to why some countries have flourished and others have failed to do so. Students practice their analytical and presentation skills through the presentation of a major work in the field of the study of the Great Divergence.

Start: 31 August 2020

Thesis Topics

If you are interested in writing your thesis on the BA, MA, PhD level on themes (or related topics) below, feel free to contact me, and we can see whether I can supervise you.

Past Courses

Utrecht University – (BA) De Stad // The City in History (2018-2019)

First year BA course, also in Minor for some other programmes. Teaches first-year students about using quantitative research techniques, by scrutinizing on the broad and interesting theme of the history of cities and urbanization.

Provided both in English and in Dutch

Start: Block 4, 23 April 2019

Utrecht University – (BA) De Stad // The City in History (2018)

Utrecht University – (RMA) Research Design Course

Description: 1st-year RMA course on how to design a research for a paper, a thesis or a PhD proposal.

Utrecht University – (BA) The City in History (2017)

Leiden University – (BA) Introduction Economic and Social History (2012; 2010; 2008)

Leiden University – (BA) Statistics for Historians (2011)

Leiden University – (BA) Theme course: Globalization and the world economy (2011)

Leiden University – (BA) Theme course: Urban History: the city of Leiden (2009)

Leiden University – (BA) Poverty, alms and labour (2009)

Utrecht University – (BA) Research seminar: The history of Utrecht (2007)

Utrecht University – (BA) Poverty, alms and work: surviving in the early modern Dutch Republic (2005)