Lecture on women’s work in the Dutch Empire

On Tuesday, 6 February, 15:00 I will give a lecture at the International Institute of Social History (Cruquiusweg 31, Amsterdam), entitled: Industrious women in the Dutch Empire: the Cultivation System and its consequences   Abstract: The Cultivation System (1830-1870) in the Dutch East Indies constituted a "classic piece of colonial...
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Lecture on textile production in the Dutch Empire

On Thursday, 1 February 2018, at 15:30, I will give a seminar at KITLV in Leiden. The presentation is called "Threads of imperialism: Colonial institutions and women’s work in the textile industry in the Dutch empire". I will first give a brief outline of my Vidi-research as a whole, but consequently I...
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ERC CoG awarded

Today, it was announced that I received an ERC Consolidator Grant of 2 million euros for my research proposal Race to the Bottom? Family Labour, Household Livelihood and Consumption in the Relocation of Global Cotton Manufacturing, ca. 1750-1990. This means that I can form a team of 5 people to historically...
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Colonialism and Education in a Comparative Perspective: Workshop Report

Report of the Workshop Colonialism and Education in a Comparative Perspective. Analysing Gendered Civilizing Missions (ca. 1850-1970), 26 October 2017, EUI Florence, Italy   The great thing about small, focused workshops, compared to larger, general conferences, is that all participants usually take the time to read each other’s papers, and...
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Lecture at NIAS Thursday 2 November

Next Thursday, 2 November, 12AM, I will give a lecture about my book project at NIAS, Korte Spinhuissteeg 3 in Amsterdam. You are most welcome to attend. For more information, see NIAS-website

New publication in the Economic History Review, November Issue 2017

Challenging the de-industrialization thesis: gender and indigenous textile production in Java under  Dutch colonial rule, c. 1830–1920 Many historians contend that nineteenth-century imperial policies and economic globalization de-industrialized the global ‘periphery’. European metropoles extracted raw materials and tropical commodities from their overseas territories, and in turn indigenous consumers bought their industrial products, textiles in particular. This...
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New publication: Selling Sex in the City

This volume offers a worldwide analysis of prostitution, taking a long-term historical approach (ca. 1600-2000). The overviews in this volume examine sex work in more than twenty notorious 'sin cities' around the world, ranging from Sydney to Singapore and from Casablanca to Chicago. The book takes up themes such as...
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Michiel de Haas graduated cum laude

On Wednesday 20 September, Michiel de Haas of the Rural and Environmental History group defended his thesis "Rural livelihoods and agricultural commercialization in colonial Uganda: conjunctures of external influences and local realities" at Wageningen University. The PhD reading committee decided to grant him the distinction cum laude, which is only awarded...
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Corinne Boter successfully defended her PhD thesis

This morning Corinne Boter defended her PhD-thesis Dutch Divergence? Women’s work, structural change, and household living standards in the Netherlands, 1830-1914, at Wageningen University. Over the past 4 years, Corinne has worked on a dissertation studying the work of Dutch women and children in the Netherlands ca. 1830-1914. She collected...
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