Recently, I was interviewed by a student from the Utrecht School of Journalism about the Dutch "Huishoudbeurs" (Household Fair), which still mostly targets women, despite waves of women's emancipation. Click here for the article.

New Publication: Global Shifts and Local Actors

Just out! The Low Countries Historical Review has published an article, written by Corinne Boter, Sarah Carmichael and myself, on the role of household production and consumption in the relocation of the textile industry, with a focus on the Dutch Empire. It explains the background of the ERC-funded TextileLab project....
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Where did all the workers go?

On 8 September 2022, I gave my inaugural lecture at Utrecht University, entitled "Where did all the workers go? Women, industrialization, and the decline of hand spinning in Europe and Asia". For millennia, textile production has been performed all over the world by handicraft producers, mostly women. The mechanization of...
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Save the date: Inaugural lecture 8 September 2022

In February 2020, I was appointed full professor Gender and Work in Comparative Historical Perspective at Utrecht University since February 2020. On Thursday 8 September 2022, I will give my inaugural lecture entitled "Where did all the workers go? Women, industrialization, and the decline of hand spinning in Europe and...
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Successful workshop “Tapestry of Rules”

On 30 June and 1 July 2022, the ERC TextileLab team held a workshop which investigates the influence of the state and policies on textile trade and production. Further questions were: how do institutions interplay with other factors (markets, households)? What are the benefits and limitations of the institutional approach?...
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Appearance in Verhaal van Nederland

On April 6, I was in the Dutch television series "Het Verhaal van Nederland" in an episode about the industrial revolution. Het Verhaal van Nederland is a programme on the history of the Netherlands since prehistoric times in 10 episodes. It has been quite popular since the first episode was...
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New Publication in the Journal of Global History

Today, Kate Frederick's and my article "Local advantage in a global context. Competition, adaptation and resilience in textile manufacturing in the ‘periphery’, 1860–1960" has appeared online (Open Access First View) in the renowned Journal of Global History.  In this article, we analyse the resilience of domestic textile production in Java...
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Review of Women, Work and Colonialism

The latest issue of the Low Countries Historical Review has published a very positive review of my monograph Women, Work and Colonialism. Author, Henk Schulte Nordholt, an expert on the history of Southeast Asia, calls the book “An instant classic in the field of comparative economic history”. Click here to read...
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