Past Courses

Utrecht University – (BA) De Stad // The City in History (2018-2019)

First year BA course, also in Minor for some other programmes. Teaches first-year students about using quantitative research techniques, by scrutinizing on the broad and interesting theme of the history of cities and urbanization.

Provided both in English and in Dutch

Start: Block 4, 23 April 2019

Utrecht University – (BA) De Stad // The City in History (2018)

Utrecht University – (RMA) Research Design Course

Description: 1st-year RMA course on how to design a research for a paper, a thesis or a PhD proposal.

Utrecht University – (BA) The City in History (2017)

Leiden University – (BA) Introduction Economic and Social History (2012; 2010; 2008)

Leiden University – (BA) Statistics for Historians (2011)

Leiden University – (BA) Theme course: Globalization and the world economy (2011)

Leiden University – (BA) Theme course: Urban History: the city of Leiden (2009)

Leiden University – (BA) Poverty, alms and labour (2009)

Utrecht University – (BA) Research seminar: The history of Utrecht (2007)

Utrecht University – (BA) Poverty, alms and work: surviving in the early modern Dutch Republic (2005)