“One can sleep with anyone, but one can only read some people’s words.” Benedict Anderson, Imagined Communities (1991 [2nd ed.]), p. 77   One of the great advantages of staying at NIAS (the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies) is that there is ample time...
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Voices from the past

Sometimes, the archives unexpectedly offer a treasure of distant voices from the past. Last week, when I was reading Frances Gouda’s 1995 book Dutch Culture Overseas, I discovered that she had used some letters by female Indonesian students of the privately funded Van Deventer...
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Storytelling. Reflections by a history teacher

For almost two years now, my 12-year old daughter has been complaining that her history lessons in high school are “so boring”! She is now in her second year, and has had two different school teachers. When I ask her: well, don’t they tell...
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